Andrew Murray Vineyards

On my honeymoon, we stared in LA and headed towards our final destination of Sonoma Valley. Of course, I couldn't help but stop along the way in all the various wine countries.

Our first stop was in Santa Barbara. With all the hoopla of Sideways the movie, I figured I couldn't miss it. I got insulted at the Hitching Post and felt right at home; I knew it was going to be a good trip.

On our trip to Los Olivos where the movie took place, I was fortunate enough to meet Andrew Murray at a tiny tasting room that he was sharing with two or three other small wineries.

Immediately fell in love with his wines and had to have them. But at that time, because of his limited production, they were not shipping into Connecticut. Well five years later; production is up and they are finally here.

The syrah's are insane, making you feel like your drinking $40 rhones at half the price. Andrew is now making a new line of very affordable wines, called the Eleven line. If you're in the mood to try some new stuff, I would advise you to consider these:

A pinot, syrah, and a white blend that is kickin' it for summer; all around $15.

Look for them in store now, and look for the entire line come the fall.

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